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At Pacific Coast Contracting, we specialize in Commercial & Residential Renovations and development. Our team is dedicated; offering superior customer service and providing safe working environments. After 10 years, we can say we are delighted that we are still serving our community here across Lower Mainland.

Construction Engineer


At PCC, Construction does not simply mean building a structure, it's about building the trust and relationship with our client by bringing their dreams and visions to reality.

Our Experts are skilled and industrial level certified are always looking for a new challenge. 

- Commercial Property Constructions

- Residential Property Construction


Our knowledgeable and devoted team of experts, draftsmen, engineers and designers bring their combined experience and unique skills to give your property the style you've always desired.

- Office Renovations     - Retail Renovations     - Café/Restaurants

- Full Service Renovations     - Painting

Architectural Plans


A significant component of major construction projects is designing and  development, we help you create a high-level design for your project to give you a better idea on how the project will look like, this design is later converted into a precise design.


We all know a structure cannot be built without experienced and skillful labor. At PCC we have it all, we provide construction labor for your needs, no matter if new property construction or on-going project we have your back.

- Short Term/Seasonal Labor

- General Labor

- Skilled Labor

Construction Workers at Sunset

Have a look at our most recent projects or connect with us to see how we can help!

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