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Basements in British Columbia, Canada are often used to rent out as a secondary source of income. They are usually rented out to students or young professionals who are looking for affordable housing. Basements can also be rented out to families and seniors who want to stay close to the city but not pay the high prices of city living.

Basements can be renovated in many ways, including adding bathrooms and kitchens, removing walls, adding windows and doors, installing insulation, adding electrical outlets and more. The goal is to make it look as modern and new as possible so that you can price your basement correctly and make it more likely to be rented.

PCC Promise!

The entire PCC team is dedicated to creating basements that are made with high-quality materials and provide the best possible service to each customer.


On Time Delivery

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Skilled Workforce

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Budget Friendly


Quality Workmanship

Basement Renovations

Basement renovations have become increasingly popular in recent years. Basements have been turned into a modern looking and spacious living space that can be used for entertaining, as well as functional purposes such as a home office or playroom. Pacific Coast Contracting has been turning old basements into modern living spaces for years. We provide clients with high quality workmanship and are able to complete our projects on schedule and within budget.

Types of Basements

Our experts have helped clients with different types of basement styles. From Partial Basements to Garage Coach Houses, 

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Full Basement

A complete basement is the most typical type of basement. A person of average height can usually fit under the ceiling. These basements are designed for convenience and use, and they are relatively simple to finish and make useable.

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Can be Transformed in a Gym

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Recreational Space

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Strong Foundation

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Partial Basement

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There is only a portion of the basement that covers the entire footprint of the house. This kind of basement is often just about half as big as the main floor of the house.

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Perfect for Bachelor Suites 

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Can be used as extra storage

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Low Cost Renovations

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Walkout Basement

This kind of basement is made with a door on the lower floor so you can exit through it. These are typically located on hills and portion of them are underground, much like a daylight basement.

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Preferred for renting

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Above ground Level

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Higher cost of renovations

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PCC can Help!


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