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The kitchen is sometimes the most expensive room to restore, and there are numerous factors to consider when selecting a Kitchen Renovation firm!

Determining appliance space, bench top area, and storage, as well as adding new lighting and power outlets, are all critical parts of effectively planning a kitchen renovation.

As we oversee the complete kitchen makeover, PCC and their experts work closely with a variety of professionals.

  • Interior designers and architects

  • Plumbers

  • Electricians

  • Carpenters

  • Flooring Experts

  • Painters

PCC Promise!

The entire PCC team is dedicated to creating kitchens that are made with high-quality materials and provide the best possible service to each customer.


On Time Delivery

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Skilled Workforce

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Budget Friendly


Quality Workmanship

Kitchen Renovations

Choosing PCC to manage and deliver your Kitchen Renovation in Greater Vancouver is the best decision you can make for your home. Not only do we have a solid reputation for delivering the best kitchens in the Lower Mainland, but we also work with only the best suppliers in the industry, both locally and internationally, to ensure the best Kitchen Renovation possible.

Types of Kitchen

PCC has a large range of kitchen designs and styles to choose from, including:

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One Wall Kitchen

The One Wall Kitchen, which consists of cabinets built against a single wall, can include upper and lower cabinets or shelving above base cabinets to provide a clean design.

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Saves Space

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Clean Design

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Budget Friendly

Modern Kitchen

Galley Kitchen

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The galley kitchen comprises of two rows of cabinets facing one other, forming an inner passage or galley between them, with a particularly efficient use of cabinets.

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Perfect for big families

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More Storage

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Budget Friendly

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L Shaped Kitchen

Cabinets run along two perpendicular walls in the L-shaped kitchen. The L-shaped kitchen's open plan design allows you a lot of versatility in terms of equipment placement and work zones.

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High End Designs

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Higher Number of Appliances

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Larger Work Zone

Modern Kitchen

Island Kitchen

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The island kitchen is a popular choice in open-plan kitchens because it gives a large work table or storage area in the centre. Its placement allows for a natural flow of traffic in the surroundings.

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Popular Style

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Large Working Surface

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Customizable Island

PCC can Help!


Not sure which design would be best for your property? Or have anything else on your mind? 
Get in touch with us via
Phone: +1(604)554-0962; Email:
Or simply fill in our request form, and one of our experts will be in touch with you. 

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