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PCC has a team of highly experienced trade professionals specializing in luxury new homes and custom project construction across Lower Mainland, as a family-owned and operated business. We customize home designs to match our clients' budgets and family needs, ensuring that the project is cost-effective to construct, maintain, and operate. PCC's fundamental mission is to create extraordinary homes for those who live a life of curated living.

With over 15 years of experience in residential and commercial construction, our experts can help you identify areas where your project's future value can be increased. Our passion for design stems from a love of architecture and Vancouver's dynamic lifestyle, and we are always seeking for new ways to innovate.

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Our Construction Process

These are four main phases of the building process. During each step, professional project management technique gives logistical guidance for completing set tasks and objectives. The strategic framework for the project is established by the proper and thorough execution of these progressive tasks, and it is critical to its success.


- Requirements, Goals, Visions and Timelines

- Analyzing property and determining risks

- Initial Scheduling

- Budgeting

Gather Required permits and paperwork -

Design, Floors & Elevation Schematics -

Tools and Supplies in Place -

Defined Milestones -

Close - Out

- Identify and Fix Deficiencies 

- Client Site Walkthrough 

- Waste Management

- Project Handoff


Quality Control Inspection and Responding to RFIs  -

Monitoring Scope, Budget, and Schedules -

Regular Garbage Removal, Site Cleaning -

Daily Progress Reporting -






Our knowledgeable team members will take the time to learn everything there is to know about your objectives and ideas. Here, we'll talk about your budget, timeline, and the type of place you want to renovate or build.


We will clearly describe the tasks that must be completed in order to accomplish your project in the most efficient manner feasible. At this stage, communication is crucial, since it eliminates any surprises when we execute the tasks indicated.

Interior Designer at Work
Construction site



Creating a strategic strategy for the project, designing it, obtaining permissions or entitlements, and assembling the manpower and resources needed for construction are all part of the pre-construction phase.

The pre-construction phase is critical to the project's success. Yes, the entire project's success hinges on the process that begins before the first brick is laid. We create a full knowledge of the project, build a plan, and organize a committed team to complete the task. We have a deep grasp of the business/property goals before beginning the project and align the project goals accordingly.

construction (1).png



This is the point at which all of our planning will pay off. Our construction manager and contractors will transfer the project into actual construction as the project's communications center.

The project is still under the supervision of our specialists. They manage resources, keep track of documentation, and keep everyone updated on the project's progress. Our design team, on the other hand, is in charge of quality control, ensuring that the project follows the authorized blueprints. Substitution requests, modification orders, and submittals will all be reviewed.

Building a House
home keys



This is a crucial step that, if not handled properly, may turn a good project into a headache for the owner. More than just finishing the punch list, project close-out processes involve handing over the project to the customer so they may begin occupancy or operations. All project information, a construction closeout document list, and all closeout documentation such as manuals, warranties, as-builts, and final accounting are sent to our clients.

Image by Ярослав Алексеенко
Image by Zac Gudakov
Modern Home Garage
Modern Home Exterior
Modern Townhouses

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