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Design & Development

PCC provides the services of some of the finest minds in the business across the Lower Mainland, backed by over two a decade of professional practice and a successful sequence of completed projects. PCC is in a great position to deliver high-quality, creative design & development initiatives. Our company specializes in the design and construction of new commercial and residential buildings, and we are dedicated to offering the highest-quality properties in the most profitable and convenient locations.

We have a reputation for producing designs that enable families all across Lower Mainland to create their ideal house, thanks to our expert design team who have worked with a diverse portfolio of clients. We also provide a warranty on the quality of our work. Before taking any further measures, it's critical that you're completely satisfied with the design provided for your home renovations, expansion, or new house.

PCC and their team are a pleasure to work with. As soon as I got off the phone with their owners, I knew right away that these are the guys I will be hiring for my job. I would definitely recommend PCC for any construction or development need.

- David Mount

Why choose PCC?

At PCC, we recognize that in order to be completely happy at the conclusion of the construction process, your new home's original design must match all of your expectations and lifestyle requirements. We create dream houses by collaborating closely with you and your family to guarantee that no detail is ignored, no room is overlooked, and no area is underutilized.

We know how to design a home that's great for the BC climate, and we know what materials to use depending on whether you're close to the bay or farther inland, thanks to our 15 years of expertise designing and building homes across Lower Mainland.

We assist you in making the most of your property by creating unique architectural designs that take use of the environment to save heating and cooling expenses, improve natural lighting, and provide stunning views of the metropolis or yard.

When you work with us, you'll obtain a design for your house that not only thrills you, but also meets your family's lifestyle demands while staying within your budget. Our house designers are among the finest in the Lower Mainland, and they can collaborate with you to create a home that exceeds your expectations.


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On Time


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Our Process

House Plan Review

We'll be there for you every step of the way, with a full architectural design and construction service. Here's a quick rundown of the simple step-by-step design method we'll use to accomplish your idea. Take a look at our Designing and Development process.



You will meet with a member of our design team to discuss your project, or new home design requirements, as well as your preferences, desired 'look,' and budget. Use this time to personalize your project, tell us about your goals, show us photographs of homes you admire, and talk with us about your ideas. In accordance with your requested budget, a concept design plan will be discussed.



Our professional specialists will next develop a draught concept design based on our meeting with you. You'll meet with your designer to examine and ensure that we've accurately translated your ideas and that the house design is what you want. Any necessary adjustments are made to meet your requirements.



We can start talking about the following step, which is the documentation stage, after you're entirely happy with the material presented. This will be offered to you as a preliminary agreement and will involve the creation of building engineering, town planning papers (where applicable), soil studies, and final contract specifications.



You'll be sent a copy of the 'Plain English' Building Contract to study once you've reviewed all of the appropriate paperwork. Your project will have a set completion date, as well as a homeowners' warranty and permits.


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