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Skilled Labor & Contractors

At PCC, we deal with big construction firms and, when feasible, we put our labor through their paces on their regular tasks to assess their work ethic and competence. We don't just hire everyone searching for work; we look for people with expertise in fields such as construction, landscaping, etc. as well as hard workers who fulfil our high standards.

Why choose PCC?

Pacific Coast Contracting first opened its doors in the Lower Mainland over a decade ago, swiftly establishing a reputation for having competent and high-class staff. This is backed up by a recruitment approach that prioritizes quality over quantity.

We expect a particular level of performance from our employees, which includes:

  • Communication Skills

  • Excellent punctuality

  • Dedicated towards Deadlines

  • Possessing a 'can-do' mindset

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Architect on Building Site

Why PCC is Better!

Our diversified team has worked in a variety of sectors, allowing us to gain a thorough grasp of your company's demands and adapt labor supply to your exact requirements.

We provide labor for construction, landscaping, demolitions, site clean-ups, grass laying, trench work, and a number of other sectors, so no matter who you need, come to us and we'll make the procedure as simple as possible. If necessary, we also have a variety of tools on hand.

Our worker's compensation and public liability insurance policies, as well as our other work-related paperwork and permits, are all available upon request.

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